Profile: I’ve been a Nintendo gamer since the SNES first came out, spending a lot of time on Donkey Kong Country with my brother, as well as Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart. The Nintendo 64 meant too much time playing Goldeneye four player when I should have been at college, as well, of course, Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Mario Kart 64. I had the first Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP, then the first DS when they launched too. I eagerly awaited the arrival of the Gamecube in 2002; on launch I got right into Luigi’s Mansion and Rogue Squadron. I personally loved Super Mario Sunshine (I know many people didn’t) and also played Mario Kart Double Dash more than most I think. When the Wii launched I was there on day one too, waving my arms about the place on Wii Sports and spent a lot of time with Zelda. These days I’m playing Metroid Other M, Mario Galaxy 2 and the odd bit of Just Dance too! Now I’m waiting to see what happens with 3DS. Got one on launch day naturally, but am waiting for Mario Kart, the new Mario platformer and the Ocarina of Time remake. In the real world I am Operations Director at a Design, Marketing and Web agency in West Sussex. I live with my wife and baby daughter – who will be racing me on Mario Kart Wii just as soon as I can teach her how. I’m a big film fan and lover of new tech’ and I’m quite a fan of cake.