Nintendo at E3 Live Press Conference Blog

Join me over on Nintendo Scene from 5pm (UK) on 7th June, as I’ll be live blogging as Nintendo make their Media Presentation at E3 2011 in Los Angeles. Bookmark the page now and then come back on the 7th to read about all of the details as they are unveiled. I’ll be posting my reactions to each announcement as they happen, and it would be great to hear your thoughts too as Nintendo reveal the truth behind the rumors of ‘Project Cafe’, including details on that rumored game list and the controller. Nintendo have also confirmed that the much anticipated Super Mario 3DS will be on show, and hopefully we can also expect details on The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and Mario Kart 3DS. CAN’T. WAIT. And don’t forget to follow Nintendo Scene on Twitter @nintendoscene and join in the conversation as it happens on there too.